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….When I woke up, although the weather forecast was not the best, the sky was blue and the sun was shining. I had a quick breakfast and then straight towards Cervesina at the “Cicuito Tazio Nuvolari”, ready for a day on the track. The staff Bimota was waiting for us and they really made us feel at ease, an ad hoc briefing by Massimo, the engineer, technical manager of Bimota, providing us with all the necessary information in order for us to spend the day at our best. He recommend us to be extremely careful in the early rounds both because the track is brandnew and still not sufficiently rubberized, and because the track was very wet due to the heavy rain the night before. I had to complete three test sessions lasting 30 minutes each, enough to put me in a great physical and mental commitment. I started to relish the track with the Black Bimota Tesi 3D, and the impression I had was very good. Previously, I was sceptical about the effectiveness of these chassis and aesthetic solutions, but the trial went beyond my expectations…..


….The first few laps helped to warm me up, and to warm up the tyres, then off I go with a lot of effort and concentration, although I already knew a little bit the engine of the Ducati 98cv 1100, but it’s always a pleasure to handle it. The engine output was very balanced because of the custom-made electronics by Bimota, with reduced on-off effects, which may or may not annoy. Its 170 kg, the power and the chassis have also helped me to ride this bike with great ease. I was enjoying it so much that time went very fast, and when I saw the chequered flag, I was almost feeling sorrow. Then came the time for a quick break, I took a breath and added some sugar to my body. During the first break, but also during other breaks too, I noticed that all the Bimota staff was attentive and available to help and make us feel comfortable, also with the most demanding journalists!….


….A break and a rest, then ready once again for the session with the DB 9S BRIVIDO, a motorbike that only hearing the name gives you apprehension. It has the Ducati engine, the most powerful ever; 162cv and a weight of 177 kg make of it a beautiful toy, powerful, and a bike you must be cautious with. In fact, I entered the track on tiptoe, as I knew this little monster goes very fast, and it actually confirmed what I already knew. The motorbike is powerful and light but coarse to manage. When hitting the gas, it conveys a certain effect, which is not appropriate for inexperienced bikers as it could deceive you with wavy movements. However, it is exactly in those particular moments and mainly when coming around a bend and you open all the gas that the moments of maximum adrenaline arise. If you manage to keep the bike in line, it unleashes an incredible power. At this point, the arms have to hold tight to the handlebars and the legs have to tighten the tank. In fact, in straight line, the two-cylinder 1198cc was very fast surrounding me with a lovely sound, real music for the Pompone lovers. When I have fun, the time goes fast, and sadly, the turn ends. I go back to the box with this racing bike gloomily leaving it kick standing, available for another colleague called and committed to tame it. Because of the first class performances and chassis of this DB9, as well as the attention to the high standard constructive details, it has been a great satisfaction. Bimota do not mess around, and of course, the design and aesthetic attention reflects the family feeling of the house. Another well-deserved break, helping me to vent muscle strain and ease my mind, because when I go on the track the effort and devotion are at their maximum. However, taking breaks is also useful for evaluations and exchanging opinions with friends from the press and the Bimota technicians, who cannot wait to collect the impressions from the testers….


….The heat began to take its toll as well, as it was a very hot day. Fortunately, Bimota had set up everything at best, with an outdoor area in the square in front of the pits, dedicated to the press and pilots; an identical structure to that used in large SBK events to which Bimota also take part with the TEAM ALSTARE. The break is over, and time to test once again had come. This time with the queen of the day, BB3 BIMOTA, the latest in Bimota house, aesthetically the motorcycle is a pleasure. It is powerful, well built in the front, thin and smooth in the back. However, I could use so many other positive adjectives to describe this gem; it is a mixture of lot of technique and many performances. I entered the track, gradually controlling the gas through a black and white BB3, and not even doing it on purpose, I felt really in tune with the bike, ton sur ton. The mixture of colours is definitely the one I prefer, elegant and sporty: a winning combination! I had still half an hour left to juggle among straight lines, tight hairpins with frequent changes in direction. The circuit Tazio Nuvolari is a fusion between something challenging and fast. I must begin by telling you that Bimota is trying to outdo itself. They have changed the engine, maintaining the same quality and the same prestige. The name of the bike itself tells us they use the engine and the electronics of the BMW 1000RR: 200 ph and the electronics with anti-zooming control, ABS control, and electro-assisted transmission. Anyway, its riding is easy and intuitive, and despite its weight of 179 kg, it is easy to lead at all speeds. It is very quick in leaning, even when in outdistance at the end of the straight line you were suddenly breaking and you went into the turn fast. In fact, it gives the best of itself in mixed fast tracks where only expert hands can try to find the limits or deficiencies of this bike. I do not feel a top raider but I can assure you that I found it easy to ride and I did not have any difficulties about the weight or its strong shape…..


….Therefore, women come forward because if you want to make an haute couture dress, that is the right one. Sorry, but I really do not want to leave out the people that helped me in these sessions: the Andreani Group. They were giving the right turns and clicks to the suspension to the bikes I rode, also for the black and white BB3, they perfectly set the balance. I never felt the bike shivering. What a satisfaction to be part of this large group of testers, we were only two women taking part, and here, I had the impression that there was a certain mistrust from the men side. So I thought to go and socialize, releasing the tension and physical fatigue with a few jokes and the proper congeniality! Around noon, the outside temperature was about 35 degrees Celsius and the asphalt on the track was about 60 degrees, a lot. Waiting the end of the rounds on the track for the press, we took the advantage for freshen up and get changed. The moment to chat with the Bimota owner arrived, and the exchange of views during lunchtime was very positive. It was unique to eat inside the pits set up ad hoc for the party, with the background music of engines exhausts that were continuing to go on the track. There was an atmosphere of deep passion! On that day, dedicated to a new Bimota era, there were also the Bimota riders Ayrton Badovini and Christian Iddon, riding a few laps with us and then spending their time answering questions and giving some advice on how to go faster! In brief, I can say that the B E W has been an event full of excitement and full of passion, in one word: “TREMENDOUS.”




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