My name is Babila and I was born in Cittadella, a beautiful medieval town in the area of Padua. It is where I grew up and where I am currently living. My passion for motorcycles begun when I turned 18 and fascinated by it, I decided to pass the full bike license. I have been riding it for a while until I fell in love with parachuting, which being so fascinated by this extreme sport made me leaving my passion for bikes behind. The passion for motorbikes came back even stronger few years ago. Joining my Passion for Motorbikes and my past experience with fashion stylist I have decided to launch RIDE AS YOU ARE (RAUR), a leaving style where with my feminine style and my wild side I will describe, tell, and test every single bike matching it with the right glamour outfit and I will trying to introduce a new way of considering this beautiful world nowadays still seen for men I am very motivated and I will do my best to cope those 2 worlds that sometimes still don’t match. And with my simplicity I will try to involve you in this Blog thought my pictures and stories.  All this did not exist so far and I am proud to consider myself the first BIKER BLOGGER little bit GLAMOUR.  I hope to be followed, appreciated and helped by all of you in order to make my dream come true.