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by Babila 29 October 2013 0 comment

Babila outfit Austin and helmet rockets


WHAT’S LOVES RAUR? This is a new section that will introduce the day after my test ride, the section where I’ll describe what I wear, what I like and that makes me feel a beautiful biker.

I wore a leather jacket hand-crafted, with attention to every detail and made entirely in Italy, was made specifically with vintage effect used. It ‘simply astounding this line Spyke Vintage Icon, this is a replica of the Austin American stuntman. Original is the red coloring and cream with blue bands of the way to make it very unique. The helmet DMD White Rocket is simply amazing and in perfect seventies style, is one of my favorites, and possibly to have. The glove is leather line Tucano UrbanoAthos. The Diesel jeans a classic, and Walker cocoa colored boots. Chosen and tested by Babila! Good shopping …


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