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It all began in 1974 … THE BEST MUSIC IN THE WORLD ’50-’60-’70-’80. I refer to the historical alternative music club SHINDY Bassano del Grappa, 50-60 thousand members that over the years have created a true family of followers musically active. How much we miss and how many good memories … Me and my Honda XL 600 LM right there in that parking lot in a day nostalgic … see you be happy!


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| boots WALKER | jeans H&M | jumper DSQUARED | belt RARE |  mask SCOTT | leather jacket  BELSTAFF | shoulder bag LOUIS VUITTON | helmet DMD | gloves ALPINESTARS | scarf SKULLY | motorcycle HONDA XL600 LM ’87 | photo by ALBI |

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Crystal 25 June 2015 at 02:24

Shindy for Handlebars & Controls – Dennis Kirk, Inc


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