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Do you remember the issue of “IL GIALLO”? …well, I was talking about Zaeta, or better about Paolo Chiaia, and as you can see we actually met!!! Clearly the first thing to do was to get to know each other, after that I had to test his personal Zaeta! …so here’s the not so easy first step. Paolo apparently could seem one of those reserved and unreachable people, but with me he proved to be really helpful and polite. After the initial small talk, and taking a little confidence, I began by asking why the name Zaeta, where did this passion come from, what it represents and many other questions, and then I explained to him what we did throughout the day and of course if he wanted to participate and share the experience with us Raurers! … I might sound repetitive, but I will always continue to confirm that each test ride is always a unique and wonderful adventure, allowing me to grow and develop my technical and practical skills, and what makes it unique is that I do meet very special people… the appointment was set in the area of Garda Lake, where you can find various pleasing places, by the unmistakable scents and colours … … I felt that these were the ideal places to have a beautiful ride and to test the urban Zaeta, and the surprises were not left out…always great!!!! …soon I’ll tell you about the content of the test ride and about the day spent with a “Zaeta”! See you soon…


zaeta & raur

zaeta & raur zaeta & raur zaeta & raur zaeta & raur zaeta & raur


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